5 Guys You Forgot Played for the Boston Celtics

Throughout the years, Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge has swung many trades. There have been a few instances where he’s acquired someone and they only lasted a handful of games. Not every player sticks a full 82 games on one team’s roster. Let’s take a look at five players that you forgot suited up in the iconic white & green.

Tayshaun Prince

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Tayshaun Prince is a very recognizable name. He is a 2003-04 NBA champion and 4x All Defensive Team award winner. Prince lasted 10 full seasons with the Detriot Pistons, before being traded to Memphis in 2012-13. Half-way through the 2014-15 season, the vetern forward was shipped up to Boston in a three team trade. You may not remember the stingy veteran suiting up for the C’s as it was for a meager nine games. Prince was decently effective in those nine games, averaging 8 ppg. Just before that year’s trade deadline, Danny Ainge would send Tayshaun back home to Detriot, in exchange for Celtics icon: Jonas Jerebko.

Jameer Nelson

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Yes, this is the same Jameer Nelson that was an All-Star for Orlando, and yes he played six games for your Boston Celtics in 2014-15. Nelson came to Boston in the trade that sent Rajan Rondo to Dallas. I personally forgot Nelson was even in that trade, as most reports focused on the draft pick acquisition and Jae Crowder (greatest player to wear #99 since Wayne Gretsky). Nelson’s best years were far behind him at the point of this acquisition, and he only stuck for six whole NBA basketball contests, before Danny “the trader” Ainge flipped him for the electric Nate Robinson (who was waived before he could ever re-join his former team). Jameer didn’t do much in those six games with Boston, averaging just over 4 points and 2 assists per contest. Nelson would last three more seasons in the NBA after his very brief stint in Boston.

Troy Murphy

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That’s the best Troy Murphy Celtics pic you’re all gonna get for this blog. Murphy was a solid player who played in 729 National Basketball Association games. Murphy only spent 17 games with the Celtics during the 2010-11 season. At this point, he was 30 years old and didn’t have a ton left in the tank. A former first round draft choice, Murphy had a very solid NBA career, but never carved out much of a role on that loaded 2010-11 roster, after latching on as a veteran buyout.

He did appear in a playoff game during the first round against the New York Knicks that year. You probably don’t remember Murphy as by the time he checked into most of his contests, KG and the boys had already solidified a win. It’s a shame Murphy never found his stroke off the bench as he would’ve made a nice 3 point option. Instead, he played a meager 17 games and then took his talents to LA the next season.

David Lee

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If you payed enough attention to the beginning of the 2015-16 Celtics season, you would have seen David Lee start four games, and appear in 30 total for Boston. Many casual Celtics fans may not remember Lee playing for the C’s as his stint did only last 30 games in which he averaged 7 ppg over 16 mpg. Lee came to Boston in a deal that sent Gerald Wallace to the Golden State Warriors.

I liked David Lee a decent amount, and was rather excited that he was brought over to Boston. He was 32 years old at the time, so my expectations weren’t sky high. I was hoping for some production, maybe 10 ppg and 5 rebounds a game, but instead we got 7/3 and then the classic ESPN alert “David Lee has been waived by Boston”. Not every former All-Star can have a memorable stint with Boston.

Joel Anthony

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I get it. Some of you might be asking, “who is Joel Anthony“. Well, let me tell you. Joel Anthony is the center that would be auto drafted to your 2k team if you skipped round 12 in 2k13. Anthony arrived in Boston in a three team trade that sent away Jordan Crawford. Anthony enjoyed his time in Boston so much, that he decided to pick up his $3.8 million player option for the 2014-15 season (no one would give him more than that in the open market, shout-out Pat Riley for that gem of an option). Danny Ainge, obviously excited to have Anthony back after he averaged one point per game over 21 games 2013-14, traded Anthony for Wil Bynum soon after.

All jokes aside, Anthony did manage to stick around for 10 seasons in the NBA, and was a decent bench for the Heat during the early part of his career. His stay in Boston consisted of him hanging on the end of the bench for most of the season.


5 Worst Active MLB Contracts

With everything going on in the current world, it’s easy to forget that there are some MLB teams who probably wish they could take a time machine and un-do these signings. Let’s take a look at five MLB contracts that are not favorable for the team. This isn’t to roast any player for poor performance, because let’s be honest, none of us writing could even touch a 97 mph fastball.

Chris Davis: Baltimore Orioles

Contract Remaining: 3 years $51 million

Image via

Yikes. 51 Million over the next 3 years for a guy who hit a combined .172 with 28 HRs over 233 games in the last two seasons (baseball reference). For those of you who may not be baseball fans, that is just horrendous. This is a guy who gets less then 2 hits in every 10 at bats. I genuinely feel bad for Baltimore fans, as they have to watch him attempt to play baseball the next three seasons. Even if they release him they still have to fully pay that money. There is no team that would ever trade for Davis or that contrtact. Part of me feels bad for the guy, as he is a good person, but at the same time, I would love to collect 17 million a year to be the worst employee in my field.

Nathan Eovaldi: Red Sox

Contract remaining: 3 years, $51 million

Photo via

17 Million a year must be the benchmark for contracts to give sub-mediocre players. Yes, Nate had a good postseason that helped the Red Sox win a World Series. No, that does not mean you back up the Brinks Trucks and unload 4 years and $68 million to a guy who’s had an ERA under 4.00 twice in six seasons. He made 12 regular season apperances with the Sox in 2018, and yes he was pretty good. You just can’t unload that much money to a guy with a shaky track record at best, when you have holes you could’ve filled, with more sure fire options. Last season, the 6’2″ fireballer had an ERA of 5.99 in 23 games.

Nate is a classic Boston Red Sox signing of: does good in the post season for 3 games, let’s give him lot’s of money. If the season is ever played, some people still think Nathan could bounce back; like the guys in my fantasy baseball league who insist on drafting him for more than one dollar in an auction.

Robinson Cano: NY Mets

Contract remaining: 4 years $96 million

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Only the New York Mets would acquire a guy who’s going to be making $24 million at age 40. When this contract was signed, Seattle knew they would get a few good seasons of Cano before he slowed down, and good for them for trading him right before the train derailed. Seattle sent $20 million to the Mets along with Cano in that mega deal, which involved about 200 different players being swapped. The Mets did get Edwin Diaz in the deal, but we all saw how well that went last season (5.59 ERA, 7 blown saves).

The Mets must be banking on the DH being installed into the NL. 40 year old Robbie and his hamstrings probably won’t hold down an infield spot much longer. Sure, he can come off the bench and be a good left handed option against righties, but if that’s what you’re looking for, then go sign Logan Morrison for league minimum.

Miguel Cabrera: Tigers

Contract Remaining: 4 years $124 million, vesting options worth $30 million for 2024 and 2025

Tigers at Orioles 4/28/18

Listen, I love Miggy. He’s one of the best hitters I’ve watched growing up. The contract is a tough one, as Detriot signed him to a deal to get a few great seasons, and whatever happens at the back end of the deal, happens. With how free agency and contracts are going at this stage of baseball, you have to sign a stud to ten years, knowing the last couple years won’t be productive. Four seasons of poor production are worth it, if the player is as dominant as Miggy was during the beginning-middle of the contract.

Detriot does owe him a ginormous amount of money, but who else are they gonna pay? I don’t see Matt Boyd starting game 5 of the fall classic anytime soon, so at this point Miggy sells tickets and jerseys, and could still bounce back. He looked good in spring training and at least he can DH, unlike Robbie over in NY.

Johnny Cueto: SF Giants

Contract remaining: 2 years $42 million

Johnny Cueto pitched 16 innings last season, 53 innings the year before that, and 147 innings three seasons ago. Yes, after pitching one seasons worth of innings over the last three seasons, Cueto still has two years left at a total of 42 million american dollars. I liked the signing back when it was first reported and obviously you can’t predict injuries. Cueto probably won’t be bouncing back to all-star form anytime soon, which is unfortunate for fans of his unique wind-up.

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