5 Worst Active MLB Contracts

With everything going on in the current world, it’s easy to forget that there are some MLB teams who probably wish they could take a time machine and un-do these signings. Let’s take a look at five MLB contracts that are not favorable for the team. This isn’t to roast any player for poor performance, because let’s be honest, none of us writing could even touch a 97 mph fastball.

Chris Davis: Baltimore Orioles

Contract Remaining: 3 years $51 million

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Yikes. 51 Million over the next 3 years for a guy who hit a combined .172 with 28 HRs over 233 games in the last two seasons (baseball reference). For those of you who may not be baseball fans, that is just horrendous. This is a guy who gets less then 2 hits in every 10 at bats. I genuinely feel bad for Baltimore fans, as they have to watch him attempt to play baseball the next three seasons. Even if they release him they still have to fully pay that money. There is no team that would ever trade for Davis or that contrtact. Part of me feels bad for the guy, as he is a good person, but at the same time, I would love to collect 17 million a year to be the worst employee in my field.

Nathan Eovaldi: Red Sox

Contract remaining: 3 years, $51 million

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17 Million a year must be the benchmark for contracts to give sub-mediocre players. Yes, Nate had a good postseason that helped the Red Sox win a World Series. No, that does not mean you back up the Brinks Trucks and unload 4 years and $68 million to a guy who’s had an ERA under 4.00 twice in six seasons. He made 12 regular season apperances with the Sox in 2018, and yes he was pretty good. You just can’t unload that much money to a guy with a shaky track record at best, when you have holes you could’ve filled, with more sure fire options. Last season, the 6’2″ fireballer had an ERA of 5.99 in 23 games.

Nate is a classic Boston Red Sox signing of: does good in the post season for 3 games, let’s give him lot’s of money. If the season is ever played, some people still think Nathan could bounce back; like the guys in my fantasy baseball league who insist on drafting him for more than one dollar in an auction.

Robinson Cano: NY Mets

Contract remaining: 4 years $96 million

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Only the New York Mets would acquire a guy who’s going to be making $24 million at age 40. When this contract was signed, Seattle knew they would get a few good seasons of Cano before he slowed down, and good for them for trading him right before the train derailed. Seattle sent $20 million to the Mets along with Cano in that mega deal, which involved about 200 different players being swapped. The Mets did get Edwin Diaz in the deal, but we all saw how well that went last season (5.59 ERA, 7 blown saves).

The Mets must be banking on the DH being installed into the NL. 40 year old Robbie and his hamstrings probably won’t hold down an infield spot much longer. Sure, he can come off the bench and be a good left handed option against righties, but if that’s what you’re looking for, then go sign Logan Morrison for league minimum.

Miguel Cabrera: Tigers

Contract Remaining: 4 years $124 million, vesting options worth $30 million for 2024 and 2025

Tigers at Orioles 4/28/18

Listen, I love Miggy. He’s one of the best hitters I’ve watched growing up. The contract is a tough one, as Detriot signed him to a deal to get a few great seasons, and whatever happens at the back end of the deal, happens. With how free agency and contracts are going at this stage of baseball, you have to sign a stud to ten years, knowing the last couple years won’t be productive. Four seasons of poor production are worth it, if the player is as dominant as Miggy was during the beginning-middle of the contract.

Detriot does owe him a ginormous amount of money, but who else are they gonna pay? I don’t see Matt Boyd starting game 5 of the fall classic anytime soon, so at this point Miggy sells tickets and jerseys, and could still bounce back. He looked good in spring training and at least he can DH, unlike Robbie over in NY.

Johnny Cueto: SF Giants

Contract remaining: 2 years $42 million

Johnny Cueto pitched 16 innings last season, 53 innings the year before that, and 147 innings three seasons ago. Yes, after pitching one seasons worth of innings over the last three seasons, Cueto still has two years left at a total of 42 million american dollars. I liked the signing back when it was first reported and obviously you can’t predict injuries. Cueto probably won’t be bouncing back to all-star form anytime soon, which is unfortunate for fans of his unique wind-up.


My All Time MLB Mustache Team

My All Time Squad Of Mustaches

C:Mike Piazza

1B: Jason Giambi

2B: Bobby Grich

3B: Wade Boggs

SS: Alex Bregman (1/2 game)

LF:Dave Winfield

CF:Andre Dawson

RF:Reggie Jackson

SP: Rollie Fingers

CP: Dennis Eckersly

So I decided this was the absolute best way to start off my blogging career, sick mustaches.

  Sitting at home playing MLB, watching old sox highlights got me thinking… how good would an all time mustache team be? How many legit HOFers rocked a mustache? Safe to say I think this team would absolutely dominate in any time period, ever. Piazza has that classic “Alpha Male” mustache most notably when he was wearing the Dodgers blue. Boggs, Giambi, and Grich all have two things in common. 1. Classic dad staches’ 2. Hall of Fame raking ability… for all you casuals my guy Bobby Grich was hitting for power from the middle infield spots back when we were still in ‘Nam. Bregman was kind of an easy way out for me, not gonna lie. He just wore that gross “im in 7th grade and just got facial hair” look for 1/2 a game. (Literally shaved in between at bats).

Pretty proud of the OF… Winfield, Reggie, and Dawson is an absolutely terrifying trio if your on the bump facing off against the ‘stache squad. Rumor has it Reggie Jackson wasn’t even clutch until he decided to grow out that upper lip hair, thank god he let it grow (not actually, yankees suck).

As far as pitching goes it was a pretty hard call on which guys I was going with, pitchers are normally the weirdest dudes in the clubhouse and it turns out they’re also the most likely to grow out a badass mustache. Could’ve went with Randy Johnson, Steroid Clemens, bunch of different guys. But, I absolutely absolutely had to give it to the 2 mustache OG’s. Eck and Rollie probably revolutionized the mustache game in general. Your dad was probably watching an A’s game back in the day and said to himself “that dude looks badass” next thing you know your dad is rocking a lip toupee in your parents wedding photo. Dennis Eckersly is technically everybody’s mustache granddad. Thats all I got.

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